Each & All [12.29.19]

Lauren Wood 2019, Best of 2019, Guest Speaker

Due to legal reasons our current series, At the Movies, cannot be archived or streamed online. Instead, you will be treated to our Best of 2019 series where one of the top 4 podcasts of 2019 will be aired each week of December. And if you would like to experience At the Movies, there are several opportunities each weekend and …

Put Down the Stones [11.17.19]

Lauren Wood 2019, Guest Speaker, Total Forgiveness

Guest speaker, Pastor Pierre du Plessis continues our series, Total Forgiveness, with this message. One of the core messages of the gospel is that of forgiveness… not only that we can be totally forgiven by God, but also that we must, in turn, totally forgive others. Your greatest opportunity to be like Jesus is when you are being offended. Our …

Beyond Blessed: Even When God Doesn’t Make Sense [09.29.19]

Lauren Wood Beyond Blessed, Guest Speaker

Guest pastor, Phil McNeill continues our series, Beyond Blessed, with this message. Beyond Blessed will be a six-week journey of discovering the goodness and generosity of God to us and through us. Get ready to learn, love, and demonstrate these powerful principles. “Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more …

Living Beyond Blessed [09.15.19]

Lauren Wood 2019, Beyond Blessed, Guest Speaker

This week we continue in our Beyond Blessed series with this message opened and closed by Pastor Eric Peoples. To listen or watch the main portion of this message which was a video message from Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church, click here. Beyond Blessed will be a six-week journey of discovering the goodness and generosity of God to us …

A Church on Fire [05.05.19]

Lauren Wood 2019, Guest Speaker, The Kingdom

Guest speaker, Bob Hazlett, kicks off our series, The Kingdom, with this message. In every kingdom there has always been a king. As followers of Christ, as His ambassadors, we are empowered and called to represent Him. This series we will learn practical ways to do that well.

Each & All [03.31.19]

Lauren Wood 2019, Guest Speaker, More

Guest Speaker, Pastor Joshua Finley wraps up our series, More, with this message. Jesus reminds the disciples in John 14:15-21 that when He returns to heaven we would not be left alone and there would be “More”. He promised that as believers we would have the Holy Spirit with us and within us. The Apostle Paul explains to us in greater …