Text to give

Giving is as easy as sending a text. To try it out, text any amount to 84321. If this is your first time, you will be asked to complete some one-time steps to safely link your card to your smart phone. In the future, you will be able to give anytime from anywhere with a single text.

How to give

How to give for the first time

  1. Initiate a donation by texting the amount of your donation to 84321. **Standard message and data rates may apply.
  2. You will receive a text message response that includes a setup link. Tapping this link will take you to your mobile browser.
  3. Find Legacy Church: the system will use your geographical location and phone number to suggest churches nearby (within 20 miles). If you do not see Legacy Church or you aren’t within the geolocation radius, you can search by Legacy Church’s address, city, or ZIP code, and filter results by church name. Make sure to select Legacy Church in Farmington, CT.
  4. Log in to your profile: After choosing Legacy Church, you will be asked to enter your name and email address to either create a new donor profile (first time donors), or log in to access your existing donor profile (returning donors).
  5. Add or select a payment method: First-time donors can add a payment method to be used for this initial donation and future donations. Existing donors can log in to their profile to select a previously saved payment method. 
  6. Submit the donation: Once you submit your donation, this will initiate that first donation and enable Text-to-Give for future use. 

After the first time, it's easy!

  1. Text the amount to 84321 (Example: 50)
  2. Check to be sure you have received a confirmation text and email for your donation.

Other options

  1. Refund: If you gave using a credit card, text the word, “REFUND” to 84321 within two hours of donating to request a refund. This command will initiate an automatic refund. This isn’t a cancellation, but is a refund, so this donation will show as refunded on your profile. Contact us at contact@legacychurchct.org if you need a refund after this two-hour window.
  2. Mistake: If you gave using ACH you can text the word, “MISTAKE” to 84321 within two hours of donating to cancel your donation. This will cancel the donation before it’s processed, so there will be no record of a cancelled donation on your profile. Contact us at contact@legacychurchct.org if you need a refund after this two-hour window.
  3. Stop: Texting, “STOP” to 84321 immediately disables Text-to-Give for you. The Stop command immediately disconnects your phone number from the Text-to-Give system and the system will no longer be able to communicate with your phone until a start command is received.
  4. Start: Texting, “START” to 84321 will lift any carrier blocks and allow you to begin to use Text-to-Give again in the future.
  5. Help: Texting, “HELP” to 84321 will send you a link to a help page which includes examples on how to give as well as a list of which funds are available to donate to.

Giving to different funds

  1. By default, Text-to-Give donations will go to Legacy Church’s main giving fund unless you choose to select a different fund.
    • You can indicate a specific fund by appending the fund name after the donation amount. (For example: “$5 building”)
    • You can also split donations between funds in a single text by listing the amounts and fund names for each fund. (For example: “$5 impact offering $6 building”)

Manage your giving profile

  1. You can update your Text-to-Give payment method, manage notifications, create a recurring donation, or view your past giving history from your donor profile. To do this, click here to login to your profile.

Have more questions or need help?

For help with statements or for any other question related to your giving to Legacy Church, please contact us at contact@legacychurchct.org.


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